Give a unique gift to the ones you love this holiday season, the gift of safety.

As temperatures drop, the search for the perfect holiday gift heats up.

You’ve used up your fruitcake hall pass, exhausted all of the last-minute homemade gift ideas, and you're still hearing jokes about the matching sweater stunt you pulled 3 years ago.

This season – skip the socks, can the candles and send them a gift that keeps on giving, 365 days a year – safety. 

Whether you’re searching for the traveler who is building a personal protection plan for their next adventure, or needing a unique gift for the one who has it all – TASER Self-Defense Tools fit any gift list and every lifestyle.

Check out our helpful gift guides to learn more about which TASER product suits your loved one the best:

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Customer Reviews

Better protection method than pepper spray

I purchased the Taser C2 for my wife and she likes the fact that the unit has a built in light and helps so that she can open the car door at night. She feels a lot safer having it with her. I like that its extremely portable, easy to use and in some cases fits in pants pocket to avoid drawing attention.

Charles of Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have never felt safer!

I grew up around guns and have been shooting since I was 4, but can’t get behind the idea of carrying a gun for self-defense. I don’t want the responsibility of potentially taking a life nor do I want to carry around something that could be very dangerous and other non-lethal options don’t seem that effective - who hasn’t seen a video of a bunch of dumb guys playing with stun guns and laughing off the pain?...Since I got my TASER Pulse, I have never felt safer! I love that it’s easy to use, comes with a laser and flashlight, and its so light weight it doesn’t weigh down my purse!

Kristine of Phoenix, Arizona

Finally, a taser that looks and feels like a real gun!!

It just arrived today. The battery is strong, and my wife and I cannot believe how compact it is (in a good way). This little gem is going into our commuter car, and I just ordered another one for our truck. Finally, a taser that looks and feels like a real gun!!

Kelly of Ohio