Hollywood MythBusters - TASER Edition (Part 2)

Hollywood MythBusters - TASER Edition (Part 2)

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Though the movie industry certainly has its fair share of blunders involving the portrayal of TASER devices, filmmakers don’t always get it wrong. In this edition, we will be taking a look at some of the BEST Hollywood depictions of a TASER weapon’s capabilities:

Thor (2011)

Contrary to the above examples, Hollywood HAS correctly illustrated a TASER’s effects. In fact, one of the more accurate scenes to hit the big screen depicts Thor (yes, the God of Lightning) being subdued by, as the Norse God likes to call it, “some puny-“. Chris Hemsworth’s character doesn’t get to say much more as he drops to the ground, immobilized. His bodily reaction to the TASER’s charge is incredibly accurate - the only notable inaccuracy is the fact that Thor is rendered unconscious after his exposure.

Meet the Fockers (2004)

Ben Stiller’s character, while attempting to avoid a speeding arrest, is exposed to a deputy sheriff’s TASER device. Upon initial exposure, Stiller expertly portrays his muscles locking up and collapses to the ground, much like a target would in an actual TASER exposure. Though there are some contention points, namely the exaggerated convulsing from NMI (neuro-muscular incapacitation), this film contains one of the most accurate bodily reactions to a TASER exposure.

Zootopia (2016)

Shockingly enough, Disney's Zootopia absolutely nails the appearance of the TASER M26 devices used to arm the wolves guarding the film's Cliffside Asylum. Though the devices are never fired in the film, the animation studio accurately portrays the size, shape, color-scheme, and laser-assisted targeting of the self-defense weapon. The inclusion of the TASER devices also serves as a nod to the growing confidence in non-lethal weaponry as a means of defense.

That wraps up our list of accurate TASER device cameos on the big screen. Do you have any box-office favorites showcasing a TASER device that we missed? Be sure to let us know on Twitter or Facebook! (@tasercivilian)

May 3rd 2017 Team TASER

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