January is Self-Defense Awareness Month

January is Self-Defense Awareness Month - a special month at TASER Self-Defense, because it’s all about preparation. Prepping our personal protection plans for the coming year, jump-starting our resolutions through exercise and healthy eating habits, and developing our self-defense arsenals to fit a variety of situations. Self-defense is more than just owning pepper spray or taking krav maga courses. Self-defense is a mindset.

Let’s break this month into two categories: self-defense and awareness.


In the United States – every 34 minutes someone is murdered, rape occurs every 6 minutes, and sexual assault every two minutes (statistics from FBI Uniform Crime Reports www.fbi.gov). These numbers are alarming at first glance, but it should be taken into consideration that a majority of the victims noted they were not sufficiently prepped for the attack nor thought that anything like that could happen to them.

Many people believe that self-defense is all reactive – trying to work your way out of a sticky situation using the protective tools you own and the safety measures you’ve learned. We must shift this mindset. Self-defense is proactive – knowing that the world around you can present many different surprises at any given time, and constantly being aware of your surroundings. 90% of the self-defense formula is preparation, while strategies and tools account for the other 10%.

In-order to sufficiently prime yourself for self-defense scenarios, there are a variety of things you can do. Exercise is key, and developing healthy lifestyle changes can greatly improve your preparedness (signing-up for self-defense courses are a great way to stay fit while also learning proven tactics). Self-defense tools are another great way to give you added layers of protection; TASER devices, pepper spray, and personal alarms are all effective tools for a variety of certain situations.

It’s important to note that a well-equipped personal protection plan does not contain only one tool or strategy. The best plans must contain a variety of methods working cohesively to provide you with many options for any situation.


Self-awareness is the most-critical factor in your personal protection plan. You must constantly evaluate your surroundings and assess the many things going on around you at any given time. Next time you go to Walmart or the grocery store, take a few minutes to observe what’s happening in the parking lot. You’ll notice many people walking with their heads buried in their smartphones, headphones on, oblivious to what’s happening surrounding them. Most victims of attacks agreed it happened while they were zoned-out and least expecting it. Not coincidentally, most attackers agreed they commit their acts on victims who appear to be vulnerable and unsuspecting. Appearing alert is major, and will oftentimes be the main deterrent.

Let’s start a discussion about self-defense and personal awareness in January. Simply reminding friends and families of the dangers and how to mitigate them is a huge step in keeping ourselves and our communities a safer place.

Have any thoughts on self-defense and Self-Defense Awareness Month? Let us know!