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What are AFIDs?

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At TASER, we are not only committed to safety, but we’ve made accountability one of our top priorities as well. All of our innovative devices were designed with your self-protection in mind…a topic we don’t take lightly.

We’ve painstakingly worked to take every detail and scenario into consideration, no matter how small, because they work to make a big impact.

Let’s introduce one of these “small” details that we think is a big deal – the AFID.

An AFID – or anti-felon identification system, officially – is a tiny piece of bright-colored or clear confetti that is packed into every TASER cartridge.

Each AFID is labeled with a unique code that is linked to its respective cartridge. The exact number of AFIDs in an individual cartridge varies, but it ranges between 20 and 30.

Check out the AFIDs in action:

Now this may sound like a fancy party-popper, but since you probably already have plenty for the office Holiday party – why should you care?

Well, TASER self-defense tools were tailored for defensive use against attackers, not offensively by them.

So if one of our devices is ever used for criminal purposes, we want to be able to help the police track them down swiftly and efficiently. That’s where the AFIDs come in.

The small size paired with a random number of pieces makes it extremely difficult for someone to cover their tracks and wash-away the evidence.

When an officer investigates the scene of the crime, and finds one single AFID, they can link it back to the original purchaser – moving them one-step closer to finding the shooter.

Pretty neat right?

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