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TASER Self-Defense's Most-Successful Year Yet

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2016 was huge for TASER Self-Defense. We kicked off in January with the release of our most-popular device to date and ended the Holiday season giving back to an impactful cause. Before we set our sights on what 2017 has to offer, here’s a look back at some highlights from the past 365 (356, to be exact) days.

Pulse Launch

Hitting the ground running, we shook up the self-defense market with the release of the most sophisticated civilian self-defense tool on the market; the TASER Pulse. Showcased in January at SHOT Show – the largest firearms expo in the world – it’s explosive demand immediately placed it on back-order. Don’t fear, though…you can pick up your own TASER Pulse here.

TASER in the Courtroom

With a slew of outstanding lawsuits fighting against TASER bans around the United States, we continue to inch closer to nationwide legality of conductive electronic weapons (CEWs). Current stun gun and CEW bans are in violation of the 2nd Amendment, and therefore unconstitutional. Many of the areas pushing to axe the bans, in-fact, are gun-friendly – adding fuel to the fire for second amendment activists. Areas currently fighting TASER bans include:

  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • DC
  • New Orleans

Stay up-to-date on these legal proceedings at our TASER News page.

Georgia Colleges Strengthen Their Self-Protection Plans

On the topic of TASER victories, our devices are now legal to own and carry at all University System of Georgia institutions – including dorms and classrooms. Dubbed “campus carry lite” it came as a compromise for Second Amendment proponents following several armed robbery cases on Georgia campuses.

Read more about the new bill.

C2 Gets a Makeover

The C2, one of our signature self-defense models, got a facelift in 2016 – re-naming it the Bolt and coming in only black. Lightweight, discrete, but still packs the same punch trusted by law enforcement around the world. Learn more about the Bolt here.

Season of Giving

Rounding-off our most-successful year yet, we wanted to give back for the Holidays – especially to a cause we value and is right here at home in Arizona. From December 12th to December 26th, we are donating $100 for every 5 TASER Pulses purchased. The money will be donated to Sojourner Center, a shelter in Phoenix that supports victims of domestic violence and their children.

We’re looking to SMASH our donation goal of $2,000, with over $1,700 raised so far!

Give a loved one the added protection of a TASER Pulse while supporting our community.

What was your favorite TASER memory of 2016? 

What are AFIDs?

At TASER, we are not only committed to safety, but we’ve made accountability one of our top priorities as well. All of our innovative devices were designed with your self-protection in mind…a topic we don’t take lightly. We’ve painstakingly worked to take every detail and scenario into consideration, no matter how small, because they work to make a big impact. [...]

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TASER Self-Defense Tool Saves Doctor

The details of this article were taken from a submitted police report. The name of the doctor has been changed to retain anonymity. Two of the biggest questions we are asked at TASER:1.Do they work? And, if so – 2.When would I use one?We aim to help educate you, the reader, about our innovative devices and their proven [...]

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TASER Debate Heats Up In Washington D.C.

The debate over the legalization of conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) found its way into our nation’s capital earlier this year.Arsenal Attorneys, a law firm devoted to the rights of gun owners in America, filed a lawsuit with the US District Court for the District of Columbia – claiming the ban on CEWs is a violation of the Second [...]

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Georgia Colleges Ramp Up Their Self-Protection Plans

A major change came to Georgia college campuses this year, and we’re not talking about a new Science building.The 29 institutions of the University System of Georgia, along with 22 from the Technical College System of Georgia, now allow its students to carry conductive electronic weapons (CEWs) while on campus. This means that all buildings, classrooms and dorms [...]

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A Victory for Self-Defense in Michigan

In the midst of legal battles for civilian TASER ownership, let’s take a look at a recent victory for conductive electronic weapons (CEWs).In May of 2012, Michigan lifted the ban on CEWs meaning citizens can no longer be prosecuted for carrying TASER self-protection devices. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan, inked legislation allowing citizens with concealed carry licenses to [...]

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