StrikeLight Pet Pack - TASER Self-Defense

StrikeLight Pet Pack

Our pets make the best sidekicks. They’re loyal, a little goofy, and always curious. But when there’s a rustle in the bushes or wild animals on the hike, you want Fido to be safe by your side.The TASER StrikeLight stun flashlight makes the perfect addition to your glovebox or as a discrete self-protection tool on late-night hikes and neighborhood dog walks. 

    The TASER StrikeLight 

    • Powerful 80 Lumen Flashlight – helps you find your way (or your keys)
    • Stun Gun Capabilities – keep attackers at bay
    • Loud Stun Arc – scare away animals and attackers
    • Rechargeable Battery – up to 5 hours of light, and 100 5-second stun cycles
    • Crenellated Bezel – sharp strike-face packs a painful punch
    • TASER Trust – experience why we’re the first choice for Law Enforcement

    The Pet Pack includes:

    • 1 TASER StrikeLight
    • 1 Bandana (pick your color from blue, yellow, or black - one size fits all)
    • 1 Clip-on Safety Light
    • Wall charger
    • Wrist-strap for secure carrying


      • Length: 8.2” (20.8 cm)
      • Height: 1.4” (3.6 cm)
      • Weight: 0.6 lbs (270 g)