TASER Pulse + Free Crossbreed Holster

TASER Self-Defense is excited to announce a new partnership with CrossBreed® Holster, and to celebrate, we're offering a free Crossbreed Appendix Carry holster with the purchase of a Pulse device. Valued at $64, receive the holster for free for a limited time by adding this product to your cart! (Holster will ship separately from TASER Pulse device.)

CrossBreed® Appendix Carry Holster

Designed for the TASER Pulse, the Appendix Carry holster was created to be worn comfortably on the front side of the body, and can also be positioned to be worn in the cross draw position. The Appendix Carry holster features a CrossBreed® hand molded pocket for a perfect fit, and is a great option for a concealable and comfortable holster.

6.5" x 1.5" x 6"
0.4 lbs
Note:  Holster will ship separately from TASER Pulse device



The TASER Pulse is an advanced, effective, less-lethal defense tool that immobilizes attackers for 30 seconds. Packing the same muscular override trusted by law enforcement, the Pulse device was built with civilian self-protection in mind. Weighing in at just 8 ounces, this high-tech, intuitively-designed device is revolutionizing the self-defense market.

  • Optimized self-defense range – 15-foot shooting distance, ideal for most defensive situations
  • Comfortable to carry and use Shaved safeties and angled sights make the Pulse ergonomic to carry and draw
  • Fast on target– Built-in LASER helps you aim quickly
  • Effective up close – Contact stun capabilities help at close range or in the event of a missed shot
  • Easy to maintain – Battery indicator ensures you know your tool will work when you need it
  • Legal to own, legal to carry– No license needed in most states
  • Powerful protection ensures a Safe Escape – 30-second muscular override gives you time to get away, and we'll replace your TASER device free of charge. Read more about our Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee
Package contains:
  • One TASER Pulse
  • Two live cartridges
  • Lithium battery
  • Protective soft cover
  • Conductive practice target