TASER Approved Pulse Holster Partners

TASER Approved Pulse Holster Partners

On the Body Holsters

TASER Pulse Holster
TASER Pulse Holster OWB

Nylon outside the waistband holster with strap.

$19.99 Buy Now
Sticky Holster - Pulse
Sticky Holster - Pulse IWB

Carry In the Waistband or pocket. Their holster provides you with comfort and ease do to our no clip/ no loop design. Your Pulse will stay right in place wherever you put it. It can be used in sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, and everything without a belt.

$29.95* Visit Their Site

Off the Body Holsters

Concealed Carrie TASER Pulse
Concealed Carrie - Pulse Holster

Removable, adjustable Hook and Loop Holster for your Concealed Carrie handbag and Athletic Shirt.

$15.00* Visit Their Site

*Prices on holster may vary on the individual manufactures website. The prices listed are to give an idea of what the holster may cost without tax and shipping fees. Please see each holster partners' website for the most up-to-date cost and fees.